I live in Alabama, but my heart loves to travel.​

I own Twanna Y'vette Online and an online digi-shop called TY Boutique.​ I founded TY Ministries in 2009, and the online marketplace for digital products that help work-from-home people like you and me.

My newest addition is "Girl Boss VIP" which I use to educate women of all cultures on how to start & run a business online, right from there own home or ANYWHERE you want to work ...  the right way.  


I created my masterclasses and courses to better educate ladies wanting to SUCCEED in different fields, including but not limited to youtube survival & Successful living


I'm a fun-loving person who drinks lots of coffee, tea & water.

I share my home with thousands of you from all over the world in hopes of helping someone to reach their full potential online.

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